Arrival of people including multiple people at once


Which of the 35 pistons above did you go with?
Can you post a green snapshot?


I’ve been using jmo67 by @borristhecat

Here is my snapshot…


hi i imported this piston am i right in thinking this piston will do this …

once presence is triggered or contact sensor is open the lights will come on and speaker will welcome you in between sunrise to sunset ?

thank you


Hi @Gazza this is a blast from the past! I’ll need to look at it to remember exactly what it did but from memory it is a welcome home and departure piston. The idea was to give you a random message on arriving after a trigger. It also had the ability to turn on a light if you arrived when it was dark.


I have looked at your piston and you have made a number of changes/ areas not completed which could cause your issues.

I think your need to re import my original one at the top of my thread. Then we can go through what you need to alter.


The idea of it was that you shouldn’t change much as it would do it for you. Do you use modes?


hi borristhecat thanks for getting back to me i did make some changes dont really now how as very new to this lol then i re read your post again and help with pantheon got it working.
i think this piston worked i came in after work lights came on (might need to change the delay when they come on as i prefer once motion is active the lights come on straight away) and when i got into the house no alexa voice (great as i didnt want the house to wake up) test done yesterday afternoon when my wife returned no lights (before sunset) and alexa welcomed her home…

so i think the only part i would need changing would be the delay when my ring door bell catches me coming down the path and turning on the lights


Are you sure you have posted your current piston? This one (xf42) is not the version that I assisted you with.


i was gonna message you on my post with the outcome of the changed piston when my son came home this one worked with just the lights coming on but no alexa speach he entered at 5.45pm i think

the first one with the time between 22.00 and 6.00 at the bottom worked


Ok pantheon i really think i have messed up here i have so many different versions of this piston and i reckon i didnt start your version and used something else WHAT A IDIOT :scream:i`ve re organised and adjusting the times for when my children arrive and then re adjust for when my wife arrives the version im going to use is your modified g9gv


Not a problem. We are here to help you. But remember, from the beginning, I suggested that this may be a journey with this piston since you are not a coder. Not to worry though. You have plenty of help here and we will get you to an acceptable solution.


ok my daughter just arrived and no welcome from the speaker :frowning: on the updated piston


Ok, I’ll dig into g9gv today and get back to you. @borristhecat may be able to offer the best help as he is more familiar with that piston.


I’m no coder this piston is designed to be left as it was and only change the variables. That way it’s simple and no experience needed. I haven’t used it in a few years but it was very reliable as long as the presence is working.

I would start again and re import my original piston. Only change the variables and use the modes at the end. Once we have this working, then we can tweak to what you need.


I’m still using the piston @borristhecat wrote jmo67 with a little tweaking for my needs and it’s been working perfectly.

I use a contact sensor for my front door. After someone arrives home and the contact sensor is closed, we get the audio notification via a Sonos speaker.


The piston it self worked but i just wanted to stop the speaker form announcing at night when anyone entered the house but work during the day


Sounds simple enough. Share your latest piston. I’m sure we can help.


Piston g9gv was the latest one maybe i just need to start from scratch again with jmo67 and put the timing etc into that one just don’t know where and how to do it


Yes this is in the piston already. You just need to set the modes you want it to speak in and not the ones you don’t.

Start again with jmo67 then we will walk though it.


Borristhecat modes? is this home away night

i take it night is the one i need to use


downloaded the original piston ive added my speaker etc this is what is active at the moment