Arrival of people including multiple people at once


Yes. I just had more but you have as many or little as you need. They are very useful in home automation to device how you want thing’s to react.

Opposite, you probably don’t what the speaker to run at night or in away mode but do in home.


Why have you changed the contact /motion thing. That is one of the issues, currently it runs when you don’t want it to.

Also do you have a front door contact? Contacts work best but the motion is in there if you don’t have it.


so i need to change to home so it dont call out at night


i changed the contact to motion as i have a ring door bell i have a contact sensor but it don`t seem to be as reliable as the ring


Changed this part to home is this correct to stop it the speaker working after 10.00pm


It was already set up for that so you need to leave it as it was. If we need to flip it we will but not like that.

You already have it as to announce in home mode only :+1: (from your screen shot) that’s perfect so it won’t announce at night.

I would be very surprised if that is actually true due to the cloud. You may have had something else messed up, let’s try it again as it will work the best if we can get it working.


No that’s the lights only, that should be night instead. The speaker bit has correctly already done it for you. Why do you have a delay then a OFF? It’s not set up for that and I would remove that for now, it can be added but we will need to make a change before adding that.


This is the bit that decides when it speaks


i put the delay in as i thought the lights wouldn`t turn off


They won’t, it was designed as a welcome home light it turns on as soon as the trigger happens when someone comes home, with the assumption that once you are in you would turn off the lights. If you want this we can do it but it’s not going to work very well with the ring because someone else could trigger it before you want it to. Where is the light? Mine was the hallway INSIDE the house, so this worked well. If yours is outside we need to change quite a bit.


Changed both parts


light is in the porch should i remove the ring and use the contact sensor (will have to make a virtual switch again for it first tho


Ok so now this is how it will work.

Someone arrives home and your motion sensor is inactive.

You then get close enough to make your sensor go active. Nothing happens yet but it’s primed, you get in your house and the sensor goes inactive and now things happen.

The lights will turn on and the speaker will speak provided your in the modes that you want this to happen




my door sensor is a smartlife sensor and doesnt work with smartthings


Aaaa this explains the your reliability issue, sorry I assumed it was a ZigBee or z-wave device. If that’s the case keep with the ring motion sensor.


im looking at getting the xiaomi door sensor soon once i get that ill change the ring to the door sensor


All your do is change the device at the top the rest is already done ready.

Ok so what time do your modes change currently?


in ide groovy it is home


Yes but do you have anything that sets the modes? IE away when all presence sensors not there home when someone arrives between X and Y and night when it’s between A and B.