Ask Alexa/ Samsung Washer & Dryer


1) Give a description of the problem

I was able to use Echo Speaks and webcore to have Alexa Alexa announce when the wash/dry cycle on my ST connected Samsung washer and dryer ends. It was pretty straightforward.

Now what I can’t even begin to figure out is how to use Ask Alexa (or another smartapp if it’s exists.) to query the washer and dryer so I can proactively ask how much time remains. There is a variable named “Dryer (or washer) time string” that reports time in an “HH:MM:SS Remaining” string that updates every minute.

2) What is the expected behaviour?

My question is there a simple way to query that variable even if I get a simple direct text response (eg fourteen minutes as ZERO : FOURTEEN : ZERO or even FOURTEEN HUNDRED) or in a perfect world is there a way to translate the time string variable into an hour minute format that then gets announced?

3) What is happening/not happening?

Nothing, I don’t know where to begin.

Thanks in advance!!


First thought is to create an Alexa routine or trigger that flips a virtual switch. The virtual switch is monitored by a piston that reads your variable which is then spoken by Echo Speaks.

I use this same method to query Alexa if any contacts are open or there are unlocked doors.


I’m trying to do the same thing. Have you had any luck?
Also can you share your piston for getting Alexa to announce when the cycle finishes please?


OK, I think I have a solution using eibyer’s idea.- I’m not at home yet, so I’ve built the rule but can’t test it (I tried the WebCore piston by creating a push notification first that I got on my phone, so hopefully it should work).

Caveat, to my routine is, I have to say an EXACT phrase and it currently will broadcast on multiple Echos, rather than the one I asked the question on - If anyone can help with this bit I’d be grateful.

Firstly in ST IDE I created a virtual switch “Washing Machine - virtual switch”
Then built the following PISTON in WebCore:

Washing Machine - virtual switch’s switch changes to on
Echo - Kitchen, Echo - Living Room, and Echo - Utility room echo
Speak text “Washing machine’s timeString”;
end with;
end if;
end execute;

After that is set up, I logged into Alexa, added the new device and created a routine, so when I say “Alexa, check washing machine”, it flicks the virtual switch on and then off again. This then should triggers the announcement on the echo devices.
Will report back once I’m home and have tested it.



Ok it works! Just tweaking the logic further now, so when I ask Alexa, she says “please wait a moment while I check status” and will then respond on the device I asked depending on the below:

If the machine is off, Alexa says so
If the machine is paused, Alexa says it’s paused, and what the current job is (washerjobstate)
If the machine is running, Alexa states the current job state and how long left until finished (completiontime)

Once I get it working smoothly, happy to share if anyone wants it

Below is the code to enable the specific Alexa device to respond!