Attention SmartThings community developers


Hey community developers, if you are currently registered, or register an account on the new webCoRE community forums, we would like to recognize you as an important part of the ST community.

As such, we have created a profile response field for ST community devs, as well as a developer badge and title.
If you are already registered, or once you register, message myself @cozdabuch or @Robin on the ST forum with a link to any “release” post for your DTH/SA under your username (or message here if your account is verified already) and we will be happy to award this badge.

This badge and title are available to all ST community developers (of Device handlers and Smartapps)


This announcement was posted in the ST community developer category as well.


All users who have received the following badges on the ST community have been awarded this badge if they are registered and verified here on the WC community.




10 community developers and counting. :grinning: