Automatic (smart on-board diagnostics for cars) has shut down


I had a feeling this OBD was too good to last for long…

The $100 purchase came with 5 years of free SIM data, but they have shut down their servers due to CoVid19.

I still have one unopened in the original box…
I wonder if they will buy it back from me.


Lots of businesses blaming covid for their own shortcomings… easy way out without the shame.


Yeah… The red flag to me was giving people 5 years worth of free SIM data with a $100 purchase.
(It sounded too good to be true)

As a consumer, I loved this… but from a business standpoint, it did not sound very profitable.


Reminds me of this corporate cock-up, cost them hundreds of millions!!!



How many of us have sat thru a boring seminar just for the free “toaster” at the end? LOL


*clears throat*

Yeah, me neither.