Automating a device BUT


Hi everyone,
Because of our neighbor’s cat, our cat started spraying around the house (territorial issues)
To keep her out I will be using a battery operated water sprayer. (So far this is the most humain way of doing it)
But I need to add a motion sensor to it.

I am not an electronic engineer but I’m somewhat familiar with simple DIY electronic projects.

This is the sprayer

so my options look like,
a) Add something to push button part where it’ll connect the circut
b) Or use one of theese with handle

I’m open to all suggestion (both for the project or the cat situation LOL)

Can anybody point me to a right direction of building something for this…

Thank you all


Decades ago, there was a guy who set up a motion detector with a spinkler. If you walked in front of his house, the sprinkler would go off, presumably to ward kids off. It might take some work, but the parts are kinda cheap.

You could run a hose from the faucet to an adaptor that screws into this, which then feeds into a sprinkler head. The motion sensor would be connected inline with the control wires. I’m not sure exactly how much juice is needed to open the valve, but I know from experience it’s possible. (I never got wet, but I do remember it going off whenever I walked by it to the park.)


Was that guy you:))) :rofl::rofl::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::joy::joy: