Backup file format



I had to reinstall WebCore because it wasn’t using git. It deleted all of my pistons. I used the ‘backup pistons’ feature before doing it, but now I see that there’s no way to import. :frowning:

What’s the file format? I have my password and would just like to get the text of the pistons out of the file.



I can’t answer on the restoring of pistons. But I can tell you that you didn’t need to uninstall webcore. You could have added the webcore github settings and linked it to your existing webcore apps in IDE.


It wasn’t giving me the option to update the existing 4 webcore entries (they were setup manually I guess - not sure why I’d do that).

Things seem kind of funky after switching over to the Samsung login system.


If you click on properties of a smartapp in IDE and then go to the source code options, there is the option to link a github repository to that smartapp, then save at the bottom. Then you are able to update from repo to update those apps.

Hopefully one the the minions will be able to help you restore your pistons.


Ugh, thanks… should have looked around in the options first. :slight_smile:


Yah the backup files are fairly useless as no import feature.

Do you happen to have any of your backup bin codes (from red or green screen shots)… with a single code @ady624 has the ability to filter the others…

Looking at the backup to file feature, it would certainly benefit from a warning as it’s always been a work in progress.


Unfortunately I don’t have any of the backup codes for those pistons. I rewrote the pistons last night… so no huge loss (and I’ve stored my backup codes now).

Yeah, a disclaimer or just disabling that item in the UI might be nice. Submitted Will try to make a patch.



Anyone know of a way to download all your piston backup codes without having to go into each piston to get the code?


I agree with @bobbles!! This would really help us out…

I have two other questions:

  1. Should we be saving the green or red backup codes?
  2. Do we need to save the new code each time we edit the piston?


I have been going into the piston (not edit mode) and clicking on the shaded area and the backup code appears. This is the one I have been saving to a spreadsheet. (Only halfway through at the moment).
I’m assuming this one does not change.


Yes, you are right. I just did a bit of testing…

The shaded area and the red camera backup code are the same, and did not change when editing… The green camera code DID change each time I edited the piston. (plus the green one forgets the URLs and the specific devices)

I will be using the grey shaded box (or red camera) for all my backup codes…


If you still have the backup and the password that was used to encrypt it I may be able to help you recover these pistons. The backup data includes the backup bin code for each piston so while the backup file itself cannot be imported we should be able to work with the bin codes. I started a private message with you, please reply there if you would like to try that.


Messaged you. Thanks.


Quick follow up here to confirm that the ability to restore from a backup file has been developed and is in testing. @fred909 and a few others facing issues with recovering pistons have been invited to try it out. Needs some work still but this should appear in the next webCoRE release.


Would there be a reason to back up the RED and GREEN versions and the backup bin code of my pistons? I use…


and I presumed those files would supply everything that I need to restore webcore (and my pistons) should my system crash.


Personally, on top of the one button backup you mentioned:

  • I like the green backup code, because it lets any account import it
    (although the image is missing lots of data)
  • I like the red backup image, because it displays the actual name of devices & URLs
    (which is great for reference, but cannot be imported)
  • I like the pure text backup method (mentioned here) because it saves Expressions and other long text that can easily be copied and pasted elsewhere.

Basically, if there is any corruption, having a visual and/or pure text will be immensely beneficial.

Pro Tip:

Unfortunately, the “pure text” does not capture the body of emails, or a few small tidbits like
IF any/all {devices}
will show up as
IF {devices}


Yes, I read your post about KeyText. A search got me here with my question above. So from the looks of things, I should take your advice and use KeyText and copy my pistons…186 and counting my friend! :smile:


Consider yourself lucky! I waded thru all 514 of mine… One at a time.

Of course, we are hoping that we don’t need the backups… and SmartThings will just migrate over flawlessly… but… well… you know… We are talking about SmartThings here, LOL

Personally? I have invested too much time to take that gamble.
IE: I want a backup that (if push comes to shove) can be referenced outside of ST.

After I did the first few backups manually, I created a script in KeyText to automate the process.

Let me know if you take the plunge, and I will share the three scripts I have been using.

By the way, the entire app is less than 3MB, so the footprint is very small.
(mine is running 24/7)

One added perk regarding the pure text:
All the text can be stored in a single document, making any searches essentially “global”.

  • Ctrl-F can easily identify which pistons write to which fuel streams…
  • Ctrl-F can easily identify which pistons use which @globals… Hooray!
    (both are normally a real pain in the butt to identify)


There are many ways to store text, but here is a snippet of the outline doc I was referring to.
(maybe it will give inspiration)


If we look at the highlighted piston, the hierarchy I went with is:
2nd instance _ 3rd category - CategoryName /* Piston name
(I wanted this segment to be as short as possible)