Best Motion Sensor?


I have two motion sensors I’m testing for use with automated lighting (on/off). One is the Philips Hue Motion Sensor, which has a really nice magnetic mounting bracket, but I have real trouble getting it to trigger motion events in SmartThings. For example, it right now it has seen no motion for almost 15 minutes and it hasn’t changed state to inactive. But earlier I walked around with it for 5 minutes before it would change its state to active. Funny enough the illuminance and temperature changes seem to come across regularly.

I also bought a SmartThings motion sensor, but according to Amazon these newer ones aren’t very good. In fact mine has lost connection to SmartThings within 24 hours and I can’t get it back onto the network.

Are there better options out there?


I had been using a Fibaro multisensor, but it died after a few months. I then gave the Zooz multisensor a try. So far it’s been pretty good. It gets 3/5 stars on Amazon, but it has been good for me.


I have 2, Smartthings and Fibaro multisensor.
ST sensor lost connection only once in 3 months, but other wise the motion detection range is great and responds instantly.
Fibaro sensor range is poor compared to ST ones and takes 1 or 2 seconds to register movement and takes quite a while to update the lux light reading.

I want to get rid of the fibaro one and buy something else, but I want one with light sensor.


I have been using the Lowe’s Iris sensors with good results. The few dropouts I have are on the more remote sensors and I have been adding zigbee outlet modules to help with this.


I’m still just testing, but now that I’ve got the driver correct, the Philips Hue Motion Sensor seems really nice. I think I’m going to love the magnetic mount for when I have to replace the batteries (hopefully not too often).


I’ve used SmartThings motion sensor - battery drains fast
Fibaro ver 3.2 - good so far


I’m aslo happy with Iris motion sensors. I have six of them and they have been very solid.


I have several sensors. The Lowes has been solid for me with no dropouts. It always records motion when it should. And for me, battery life has been OK. The initial Zooz that I had was bad, only reporting temp and humidity and light, but no motion. I sent it back to them, they checked it, said it was fine, but sent me a new one anyway as a replacement. The new one has been working fine. I use it for light levels, which I’m still trying to calibrate, motion, temp and humidity, although they do not record motion as quickly as the Lowes. I also have some of the Bosch sensors. These seem to be the most problematic. They seem to lose connectivity occasionally. And the look angle and/or range does not work as well as the others. But battery life is great, given that they have 4 AAs.


I’ve had very good results using the Iris Motion Sensors.
Mine detect motion in the basement up to about 57 feet.
Easy to set up. Fast to respond. Included Temperature detection is a nice.
I have Aeon Multisensor 6, but I don’t like its motion detection, or its poor battery life.


I also use these. Cheap… easy to find… battery last a long time and nearly instant response with ST.