Best Router for Home Automation (Max Devices)


I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts/experience on the max number of devices supported by a various routers?

With the proliferation of wi-fi connected smartphone devices, we are having large numbers of devices connected to our routers. I’ve recently added around 10 tplink smart plugs, connected over wi-fi.

I’m starting to have strange problems with my network, built around a BT (uk) homehub 6. Sometimes devices can disappear from the network, not showing up in the router tables, but sometimes pingable. I just lost my hubitat hub, then having rebooted everything it came back. The same has happened with sky tv boxes too. I have about 50 devices connected & suspect this maybe approaching some limit.

Trying to find data from manufacturers is not easy, they sometimes list the number of devices supported, but I think this is more around wi-fi only connected as it seems to be around 20 devices per radio.