[BETA] Community SmartApp Installer


Think of this as a 2-tap installer of any of your apps/devices

  • Users will install this single SmartApp into their IDE
  • Enable OAuth which will then act like a MarketPlace to allow them to install any SmartApp/Devices that developer submitted to be installed or updated all with out ever touching any code.


  • Adds the Github Repo to the IDE
  • Installs any required apps/devices and allows them to select from any optional items the dev makes available
  • Publishes any designated by the developers apps that need published.
  • Enables OAuth for any SmartApps the developer defines.
  • One-Touch Updates or Apps and Devices
  • Includes RealTime Install/View counts and ratings which developers can use to see how much activity they are receiving for there apps/devices.


There goes my webCoRE installation video lol


Hi there,
I am trying to install the Community SmartApp Installer in order to install Echo Speaks but seem to be having a problem.
I have followed all the instructions right up to the OAuth instruction but I simply can’t find the “Welcome to Community Installer” screen.
Here are a few screen shots:

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Many thanks



I believe you go to Automation : SmartApps instead of Marketplace: SmartApps: My Apps


And you published the smartapp?


Thanks jkp. I have tried all the options in the app :slight_smile:
Yes I have oAuth and published, see above screen shot.


Ask on the ST forum in the following thread. That way, the developer will receive a notification of your post there and may be able to offer assistance.