Blink integration


I have created some new pistons all with the help and thanks from this forum. I would like to create a new that would announce if someone is at the front door and possibly show the camera on Echo Show. After doing some searching on here, it looks like ST has blocked blink from the IDE. Is that still the case. If it is not blocked, are there any Smart Apps and DHs for blink? Thx


ST was not responsible, blink severed all connections when they were being purchased by Amazon. At this time, you only have IFTTT to use between ST and blink.


Got it. Is there another camera that would work with ST. I noticed from another person’s post, they were using the Ring Camera. What is IFTTT and how does it work? Thx


This may help with IFTTT


You may want to post this question on the ST forum. I have nest cams so I have not really followed too much.