Botched Migration


Anyone else’s migration to the New ST app go totally south? I can see everything in my old app and in the IDE but the new app has nothing. I can’t add any of my devices back to it and nothing is able to be controlled by voice through Google Home or by the Classic app. WTF! I emailed support and have yet to get any response.


Three things…

  • click on menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen) and check that you don’t have more than one Location. If yes, switch to the other one.
  • sign out of the app and sign back in (make sure you are using the same Samsung account you use on the Classic app)
  • you may need ST support to sync the data between the two apps.

And post this issue on the ST forum. One of the ST staff may see it and offer to help


Did all those.

No love.