Bulbs not showing up under actuators?


Hey there guys having troubles with adding my colored Phillips Hue Lights to my actuators list in the Smarthings App>Webcore>Available Devices section of the app. I can find them under Capability Group 1>Adjustable Color Lights section however.
So I have them set up in my previous pistons that have been working fine. The problem I’m having is when I’m writing these pistons I don’t get an option under “Do” to “Set Color To.” Other than that the lights can be turned on/off and also dimmed I believe.

Any help solving this would be much appreciated!

(Sidenote: They do show up under my “things” in the ST App)


It does not matter which section of the ‘available devices’ lists you find the bulbs in, so long as they are selected at least once in any section then they will show up and behave exactly the same in webCoRE.

Capabilities not being listed for commands is related to how the capabilities are listed in the device handler itself.

Which exact handler are you using?

If it’s a custom handler, please post a screenshot of the capabilities listed at the top of the handler code.


The only device handler I’m using is Ady624, I’ve also made sure that it’s up to date


Ady624 is not a device handler… HE’s a device / smartapp creator lol

I think you are confusing the webCoRE smartapp with the device handler controlling your bulbs.

What device handler are you using for your bulbs?


I’m sorry I’m a little slow but I don’t understand the question. Under the device handlers section the only thing I have listed is the Ady624 Presence Sensor. Other than that I don’t have anything listed. Also sorry for the late replies!


ok, then you are not using a custom device handler for the bulb…

Go to devices in the IDE, click on the problem device name and take a screenshot of the page (needs to show the device ‘type’)… post the screenshot back here.


I think I see where you’re going with this, all the bulb’s device type was: placeholder. I went through and changed them to Hue colored bulbs. Will see if they work once I get home.


After changing the type you also need to go into the webCoRE settings (within the mobile app), go to the add devices page and click save/done… this forces the new attributes to sync.


Gotcha sounds good. Will let you know soon!


After a couple of days of testing everything seems to be working good now. First day everything wasn’t going smoothly but everything seems to have sorted itself out now. Thank you for the help man I appriciate it!