Bypass my motion sensor


1) Give a description of the problem
(I want the bulb to remain a color when asked to change to a color by alexa or google or with an application and not change back to the state set by the motion detector )

2) What is the expected behaviour?
(I want the motion sensor to turn the lights on to a specific temperature and if i change the temperature or color by voice via alexa or google or even by the application for that specific bulb or bulbs )

3) What is happening/not happening?
(i don’t know how to set up or where to start)


Search for examples of light turn on manually and with motion. This would be the similar scenario.


i’ve searched and searched there is no examples of what i’m looking for


Do you already have a base piston that turns on the light with motion? If yes, post a green snapshot of that.


Here is the link to that great article.

Once you understand that logic, the challenge you will face is that example uses boolean logic (true/false) to function. You apparently need one to ignore motion sensor for 99% of scenerios, and only fire in one specific case.

To that end, i would focus on returning the color to a specific color after you are done customizing…
This can allow the motion sensor to do its thing.

In all other scenerios, color changes would be ignored.

Pro Tip:

Changing colorTemp often does not change RGB values, so your spontanious tweaks might have to be all one or the other.


To say this another way:

Only change colors if the current color is X.

It will be up to you when you bring it back to X… Thereby allowing your motion logic to do its thing.

If its any other color, it will be ignored.