Can I Control a WiFi LED Controller with webCore?


I have a wifi led controller pictured here:

It communicates by way of the “magic home” app

I have been searching for info to see if it was possible to do this with webCore for 3 days, coming up empty, and this being my last straw I figured I would ask if this is possible.

Thanks so much for any help, my hope is that it’s possible and I will dive headfirst and figure out how.


If you can connect it to IFTTT, then you can connect to SmartThings using virtual devices but not sure how much control you would have other than on/off. Depends what you can do through IFTTT.


yes I can do it through IFTTT, but there is a huge delay and not much in terms of customization.

I would like to do everything through webCore and I think judging by your answer, that it is possible.

Thank you alot!