Can someone point me in the right direction


Hey guys!

Let me start off with a small disclaimer:
my first post so go easy please :slight_smile: and i have a 5 week old princess at home thats slowing my brain down :baby:

I’ve been trying to figure this stuff out on my own but I can’t seem to find the right phrases or keywords to google the solutions.
I somewhat grasp the tip of the iceberg of what’s going on and what I want to do. But, lack the knowledge to make it happen and constantly wondering if I’m doing it remotely correctly.

I currently have my house set up to cycle between 4 modes (Dawn, Day, Dusk, Night).
These 4 modes dictate what light level the blubs should be set to if ON (Piston B).
A second piston that tells a bulb what level to come on at during certain times of the day (Piston A).

I also have actiontiles setup with 3 buttons for each bulb… “on/off”, “low (setlevel 40%)”, “high (setlevel 100%).”

1) Give a description of the problem
a) When I turn on a bulb and other lights are on, i.e bulb 1 @ 100%, bulb 2 @ 40% and I turn on bulb 3 my piston will dim all the lights to mode =level %.

b)If I press my actiontiles button for “low” and send a “setlevel 40%” command to a OFF bulb, Its getting turned ON thus triggering my piston and its automatically changing the level to “mode = level%”

2) What is the expected behavior?
a)I would like bulbs to behave singularly within a device group

b)Pressing a button would override an automation piston (Piston A)? (“setlevel” > “mode = level”)

3) What is happening/not happening?

**4) Post a Green Snapshot of the piston!
Piston A

Piston B

I feel way in over my head, thanks for taking the time to read and hope I managed to be clear.



in piston A, add a device type variable ‘whichLight’ and leave it with no value. In your first if, select your condition and capture which switch is turned on by clicking on the gear icon and ‘Store list of matching devices in variable…’ : select ‘whichLight’. Then change all your with statements below to use ‘which:Light’ instead of ‘Lights’ and then only the one that is turned on should be controlled. Hope this helps.