Can webCoRE set Configuration Command Class parameters?


Just recently started to dive into the power of CoRE and webCoRE. I have found a need to dynamically set different Configuration Command Class parameters on a situational-aware basis, but have not found any way to leverage CoRE or webCoRE to do this. Am I just missing an action?
For example, I have some lights setup on a Smart Dimmer. The Smart Dimmer has a Configuration Command Class parameter to control how fast or slowly the lights dim up and down. For daily use, I like the dimming rate to occur over 1 or 2 seconds. However, when my security system goes off, I would like to be able to “strobe” these lights. I have found the “Flash” function in webCore, which indeed performs the repeated power on and off action. However, since the dimming rate on these lights is set to 1 or 2 seconds, the strobe affect is not really apparent. If I can programmatically set the dimming rate to 0, or none, the strobe affect will be much more apparent.


If you have a DTH command that can do that, then yes. The only interactions a SmartApp can have with a Device are reading attributes and executing commands, if you’re talking about the settings in the cog menu of the device, then no, that can’t be changed - but the DTH can be modified to do what you need.


Thank you for that information. Would you mind expanding on how I would use the DTH (I assume DTH means Device Type Handler, right?). And let me expand on my additional post to provide some additional context as it might help drive your response.

I am currently able to set the Configuration Class Parameters via the SmartThings IDE by changing the Type of the Smart Dimmer to ZWave Tweaker, which allows me to manually specify the Command Class Parameter and value to set. Then I change the Type back to the Smart Dimmer and the lights function as expected with the new Command Class value. So, I know how to set these parameters manually, but am not sure how I can change the Type programmatically.

Any insight or pointers would be very much appreciated. TIA.


Yeah, that’s what I was talking about. Some DTH (yes, Device Type Handlers) may allow configuration of such parameters. webCoRE is totally device agnostic and won’t be able to do what you want, unless you tweak your DTH to expose a command (you need to include that command in the definitions section for webCoRE to see it) and have that command do the actual configuration you need. You would then be able to invoke those commands from webCoRE.

Sorry for the long delay in answering.

Getting device characteristics

Thank you. I have updated my DTH to set the physical devices parameters via a custom command activated by a SmartThings action on a tile. The command operates as expected in SmartThings, and it is listed in the metadata and definition closures of the DTH. Based on your directions @ady624, I anticipated the command to show up in the drop drown of a webcore piston action, but I don’t see any of the commands defined in the DTH in webcore. When I add a new task to a piston in webcore, I only see the “Commands available to all devices” section and “Location commands (non-device)” section.

What am I missing?