Can you use Habitat Variables with Webcore


I am currently transitioning for webcore with smarthings to Hubitat. I am slowly making progress, but I am trying to see if I can link variables between the Habitat Hub and webcore to enable transitioning my pistons


This is probably what you’re looking for… a little further down the post…


Absolutely. As @eibyer linked, you can use Hubitat Variables in webcore. I do this often.


Thanks, Works like a charm. It was to obvious for me to see.


Can you give some examples of how/why you do this?

Is there a list of existing hub variables, like $hsmStatus?


Just a couple of easy examples. I have HD Fire pads all around my house. I use Hubitat boolean variables on the master bath pad to make sure my wife and I have taken our daily medications. I have an icon on the pad that I touch when I take my meds. The icon changes from “No” to “Yes” and is reset daily at midnight. On that same pad, I have a banner that shows the artist - title of the music that is currently playing on the speakers in the bathroom/shower.

This piston below gets song data from either Amazon or my Kodi player and assigns it to a super-global variable (@@Pad_Artist_Title) to use in the banner. If there is not any music playing, then the banner shows random love notes for my wife (a different piston).


That’s very cool. Is there an advantage to using Hubitat variables over regular global variables in Webcore?


I find the main advantage is that you can use them on the HE dashboards too. e.g I have a HE “admin” dashboard where I can set the volume I want the sonos’s to make announcements, this can then be read by WC. It’s much easier to change the value on the dashboard (and other family members can too) than changing the WC code


That’s a neat idea. When you say “set the volume”, does this mean using a +/- (up/down) command, or can you type in a value?


It’s just typing in a value. +/- keys would be cool though.
I also use the variables to display data WC has retrieved/created on the HE dashboard e.g I have a piston which tells me which color refuge bin to put out on the correct day.


I use Hubitat Dashboard - Android Dashboard App for all kinds of things. Many of my HE hub variables are exposed to that app and webcore so that I have global access to them and I can use them on my phone like this…

I can use +/- icons for volume as @Paul1964 has suggested. Also, I can turn speaker zones on/off or mute them with just a button touch. The artist-title-wife notes banner is also on this page of my setup. I can start various playlists in my zones with a tap. So, to answer your OP, using HE variables in webcore is very easy.


I use that app, too. Love it!


I don’t suppose there’s an ios version?


Sadly, no.