Cancel All Pending Tasks - Query


I just have a query about ‘Cancel All Pending Tasks’.
I Have this
And This.
Plus plenty of other stuff but that is not relevant.
My question is this.
When the first part is true the actions start.
Then they become false but the second part becomes true.
At this point I do’t want the first part to complete its wait and turn off the light.
As you can see I have a ‘Cancel All Pending Tasks’.
So here is my question, bit long winded but I have finally got there, when the second part runs does the cancel all tasks stop the timer in the first part from completing? I can see in the logs a ‘pending tasks cancelled’ but unsure if it’s for the first action.
Hope that all makes sense.

Cancel All Pending Tasks Question

the scope of cancel all pending tasks is all timers for that piston.

Cancel All Pending Tasks Question

That is what I was hoping.
As I have a wait after the ‘cancel all pending tasks’ then that one should still run.
So basically take over from the first wait timer.
Think I will put another 10 second before the 8 minute one to ensure that it gets to run.