Can't Add Meross Smart Light Bulb to Hub


My Meross smart light bulb works great with smart things after I added it, Meross has linking capability with smartthings (I think via software they have with smartthings, not because it’s zigbee or zwave?)

So anyway when I go into edit device to add it to the hub so I can use it with webcore, I get
“Access Denied
We’re sorry, but you are not authorized to perform the requested operation.”

Is this because it’s not a real zigbee or zwave device and it’s connection with smartthings is purely on the software side?

so I can’t use this lightbulbs functionality in webcore?

Thanks for any help!


you are using the integration that is available in the new app? --> + then Device then by brand and select meross.

you are correct, it is not zigbee nor z-wave so you can’t add it that way


why do I have to be correct :frowning: I wanted to be wrong, so wrong :frowning: :frowning: