Can't Find Device (Samsung Quantum 2.0)



I’ve been using webCoRE sometime with great success.

I recently installed a new Samsung Quantum 2.0 Ductless unit in my shop. I can control it on/off using automation in ST based on ambient temperature. Anything more complex than that using the ST automation will not execute. I though I’d try webCoRE for my more complex automation(s) and see if it’s successful… I have added every device I have to be available to webCoRE, but, I can not get webCoRE to see/recognize my new unit. It is there in the ST App and IDE…?

Any help is appreciated!



How have you been trying to add it to webCoRE? When adding devices in the SmartApp using Settings | Available Devices it is easy to get suckered in to just looking in the Actuators and Sensors device lists. It is likely your device has neither of those capabilities and so you need to try and find it listed under a capability it does have. You’ll find those in the three Capability Group sections. WebCoRE only knows of a subset of the available capabilities but hopefully there will be one or two your device has.


Yes, you are correct. I just found it under humidity sensor…? Thank you!!!


That’ll do. Doesn’t matter what it is found as. All you are really doing is authorising webCoRE to work with it.