Change Polling Rate: Aeotec 7 Plug/Switch



I have a project where I’d like to automate changing the polling rate of my Aeotec Smart Switch 7, Z-Wave Plus S2 Wireless Control Socket Zwave Plug for Home Automation, 15A, Gen7, White

Sounds dumb? Stay with me. I had been seeing the commands for adjusting the polling rate in webcore as I was doing other things. I never paid enough attention to realize that this functionality could’ve been specific to any of my devices.

For my washing machine cycle notifications, i use the above plug to monitor power. Unfortunately, the only way to get relevant and useful information out of it is by polling faster. But I dont want to poll faster all the time. So because I saw poll adjustment in webcore, I got this idea but ran into some barriers.

First, apparently the change poll interval command that i was seeing in webcore was part of custom functionality that’s built into my lighting drivers. When i build a piston to try to change the polling on the aeotec plug, its not an available command.

Ok, i can take a hint; this functionality will be available for my lights via webcore because the functionality is customized, but how can i go about automating the poll interval of my washer power monitor say either after the power increases from zero and/or washer contact door closes?

Temporarily, I’m polling it every 30 seconds. Which to do that around the clock is taxing on the hub. I just want to narrow increased polling to specific times and automate that transition, but I can’t find the tools to do it in webcore.

Can someone get the crayons for me, please?


First thought is to create a global variable that will store the poll interval. This will be set by a piston that subscribes to the washer door event being closed and/or washer power level rising above a certain level.

Your other piston then will subscribe to the global variable change and adjust its polling accordingly.


I understand in concept what you’re suggesting but I must be missing some steps to make that fully realized.

Before we go down that path, I did want to point out that I discovered the variable that controls the polling interval. I just can’t find a way to adjust it from webcore.

Now, getting back to your suggestion. I know how to make a global variable. I guess I didnt understand which kind. I tried a few different things but none that I could see effectively tying back to the “configval111” or the polling rate as it were.

I understand that you’re suggesting to store the polling rate in the global variable but what I’m saying is how am I supposed to store the polling rate if I can’t find the corresponding field?

If I can figure out a way to change the configval111 value, I’d be set.