Coming home late


I have this simple piston that is meant to turn on my porch light if we arrive home late (the light is automatically on between sunset and 10pm.) However the light come on every time we come home regardless of the time. What am I doing wrong?


Ok, are you sure that piston is responsible for the light coming on? The blue and red bars show the logical status of each condition, clearly showing the time condition was not met. Go to the light device in your ST app and tap on the Recently tab - find the on command sent to the light and find out the name of the Smart App that issued the command. Is it this piston?! Or maybe another piston or a completely different app?


This is what I have for my late arrival…

Eventually Ill convert this to a webcore piston…


Interesting, you appear to be correct! Before I made the core piston piston I had used a more simple routine. I deleted it but it appears to be still running? Is that possible?


IS the device’s Recently tab suggesting the same routine is controlling it? Kill the ST app and open it again and check the Routines again


Found it with your help! When I look at the Device under Recently Tab it does not show the controlling app but it does under the Devices SmartApps Tab. The old routine shows up here but its not under the main Automation tab. Must be a Smarthings bug? I’ve deleted it so hopefully its gone for good now. Thanks for your help.