Comments in webCoRE?


I would like to comment my webCoRE applications within the code, as well as adding to the header comments with more specifics on what the automation does. Is there a way to enable this?


Click the gear icon when you add statements, you should be able to add comments.


Alternatively, if you click to the right of any WITH line (to select the block), you can directly add a comment up in the top right.


This method also works on most individual lines as well.


As far as adding info to the very top, I sometimes make a string variable, and add my comments there.


You can also comment the individual variables up there as well…


Although to add a comment to the variable section, you have to follow @eibyer’s tip above.
(the lines cannot be selected normally)


You can also add an overall comment/description for the piston by clicking on the piston name at top, while in edit mode. This places comments above the EXECUTE line at the beginning of piston.