Community Milestone: 900 Members!


You read it right, we have over 900 users. And no, you didn’t miss the 800 user announcement. I was in the witness relocation program and haven’t been on the forum much.


Ok, I’m kidding about the witness program; I was in the middle of a move, taking care of my wife who had emergency surgery, my kids, and working. Life got crazy.

So, I was going to write an 800 user milestone post a couple weeks ago, despite being busy, and then I got busy again for 3 days. To my surprise, in 4 days, over 100 more users joined. As of a few minutes ago, we are at 917 users.
It’s simply amazing, day after day, people are continuing to discover webCoRE, and they keep discovering this forum too. The discussions are indepth and widely varied. People are constantly helping each other. User’s homes keep evolving with webCoRE and the power of it’s engine: the community.

Welcome to all of our new members! Thank you to all of our existing members for your vibrant interactions here.

Thank Yous:

The obligatory thanks goes to @ady624 for his continued and tireless efforts to build, maintain, and expand the capacity of webCoRE.

To @RobinWinbourne for his incredibly dedicated efforts to verify user accounts. With so many users signing up daily, it’s a tireless, and thankless job.

To @ipaterson for continuing to develop the new site format I talked about as coming soon. It’s on the way, and you’re all going to like it. While you wouldn’t know to say thank you to him for something you haven’t seen, just wait. It’s good.

To the @webCoRE_Minions for your continued and diligent efforts to help the community. You little yellow creatures make a lot of gears turn more smoothly.

And lastly, to each and every one of you for being the backbone of the community, for visiting, commenting, creating, and sharing. @Confirmed_ST_User @Confirmed_Non_ST


That’s an incredible achievement and I foresee a substained growth for our community. Thanks to everyone, and particularly @ady624

The word is spreading fast! I myself showed WebCoRE in all its greatness to several dozens of coworkers and many of them bought a ST hub for the sole reason of using WebCoRE. Even my boss (State CIO) got interested.


What’s this new site format about? Any more information anywhere?


I think I was number 900. Do I get a cookie? :wink:

Wish I had updated to webcore sooner, really love the ability to manage my pistons from a browser, share pistons, etc. Really well done.


Nothing confirmed yet. It’s still in design/voting phase


Can’t wait to see what’s down the line with WebCoRE!


I’m baffled by the sophistication of this tool. It is da bomb. I’ve just built my two first pistons and they reflect exactly what I was imagining. So cool. Thanks. I feel like I just stole some secret future version of home automation …hehehe