(Community Milestone) Happy Thanksgiving to the 1000+ member strong webCoRE community


Happy thanksgiving everyone, to all of you in the USA and abroad.

This is a really special announcement as community milestones go. We just surpassed 1000 users on the webCoRE community forums the day before yesterday.

The webCoRE smartapp isn’t even a year old.
The community forums are barely 4 months old.
And now, in just 4 short months, we have 1000 registered users on the forum.

The forum stats paint a very clear picture of how involved and engaged this community is. It’s positively amazing.
In 4 months, the forum has had:
13k+ user visits
1.2k topics
11.2k replies
24min average to first response to new posts
Only 175 topics with no reply!!!
But the truly staggering number: 434k page views!!!
You guys and gals are all over this forum and that’s positively amazing and awesome!!!

Now it’s thanksgiving. And on behalf of @ady624 and the @webCoRE_Minions, THANK YOU for being part of this absolutely amazing community!
Speaking for myself, it’s so gratifying watching this community grow and the engagement here, it’s a privilege to be part of it.

Now I don’t know all of you like I do the Minions, but I’m pretty sure I’m not putting words in anyone’s mouth that are disagreeable when I say:

Thank You @ady624 for your amazing work. This community is a testament to your incredibly selfless effort and dedication to giving.
We (the community) sincerely appreciate it!

Now for the minions.
These guys deserve a serious amount of beer if you ever happen to find yourself in a bar with one of them. :yum:
If you read through these 1.2k threads, you’ll notice the minions seem to be everywhere. For the record, there are 20 minions. Not quite as many as in the movie. But this group really rises to the challenges you pose. Please, take a moment below to drop a thank you if one of these fine Gents has helped you out.

For my part, I’ll start it off by saying, I’d love to acknowledge @RobinWinbourne for helping me learn quite a bit from well before this community started through now. And @bangali for indulging my silly questions when I am scratching my head. A lot.
And to @ady624, dude. Seriously. :facepunch:t3:

Ladies and Gents, there’s a lot of stuff to be thankful for today in each of our lives. On behalf of the @webCoRE_Minions, Happy Thanksgiving.
Hope your day was filled with the company of your family and friends. And maybe a cool automation or two that made everyone jealous!


@Confirmed_ST_User @Confirmed_Non_ST


@Cozdabuch you forgot to thank someone who’s very important to our community and need acknowledgement too… you!

Thanks @Cozdabuch !


We mustn’t forget @ipaterson for pushing out a number of fixes recently whilst @ady624 has been tied up.

@ipaterson has also been making tonnes of fixes and improvements to this forum with a big update coming soon!!

And @chauger for a yet to be announced contribution :wink: