Community milestone! Now 100+ users!



Wanted thank all the users who have come over to the new webcore community forum.
In less than 48 hours with the site being live, we have now passed 100 users!


The user community has shown and proven time and again to be there for each other, helping everyone unlock the power of webcore.

We expect this form will serve as a useful tool for future user collaboration and helping all of us continue to unlock the full potential of this phenomenal smartapp!

Your feedback related to the forum, the wiki, and the platform is always welcome!

And now, a shout out to all of the moderators here who have been involved in helping and testing with app development, as well as giving so much of their time to each help request that comes their way both previously on the SmartThings forum and in the future here!

@Robin @Einars @Bdobrescu @rontalley @c1arkbar @bangali @ahndee @eibyer @bobbles
[in no particular order]

But most especially to @ady624 for the extraordinary time and effort that he has put into this project from beginning through now and into the future! And for the sheer volume of user assistance he has provided helping people to learn.

I personally say thank you 1000 times over, and I’m sure I speak on behalf of the rest of the community saying the same thing!


I hit the like button so hard I might have cracked my phone’s screen!!

Echoing the thanks to everyone!