Community Milestone! Now 400 users!



We launched the webCoRE community forum a month ago, on August 19th.

Today, we reached 400 registered users. To say this community forum is a success would be an understatement.

Your engagement and support of webCoRE is almost overwhelming to think about in the short few months since the first beta went live. With well over 2000+ user installations, and an immensely larger number of active pistons, webCoRE has quickly become the go to rules engine for SmartThings users.

The webCoRE community forums came about a month ago due to the extraordinary volume of posting within just a few threads on the SmartThings Community Forums. Inside half a dozen threads with 1000-5000k responses each, communication became tough and the need to more effectively facilitate and manage user discussions became readily apparent.
Then the webCoRE community forum became a reality.

The @webCoRE_Minions (site admins) are doing our best to help everyone, to answer user requests and to help each and every one of you make “your” webCoRE work seamlessly.
BUT honestly, what makes this forum special is the peer to peer assistance and mentoring that so many of you do each day. Truly, it is the community, not the minions who are unlocking webCoRE’s full potential for each other.

I have personally come to see this community is something special because of what ALL OF YOU make of it.
The genuine interest and assistance you give each other, the regular jokes and jovial interactions, and friendships apparent in so many conversations are truly a testament to webCoRE.
Afterall, the legacy CoRE which has evolved into webCoRE stands for: Community’s Own Rules Engine.
And on this forum, all of your interactions and shared experience truly reflect the Community in CoRE.

Please take a moment to like this post to show your support, and/or respond below and tag @ady624 for all of his extraordinary hard work in creating and continually enhancing webCoRE


While donations ARE NEVER expected, they are certainly appreciated.
If you love webCoRE please consider contributing.

Your donations are used to pay for hosting costs and overhead associated with providing this free smartapp to the community and to help to fund development of future expansions of webCoRE’s capibilities, including the upcoming iOS and android stand alone interface apps.

Multiple level “Supporter” Badges have been created to recognize and acknowledge those of you who have put your hard earned capital into helping boost and enhance the webCoRE experience!
Community Donor
Silver Donor
Golden Donor

On behalf of all the @webCoRE_Minions, thank you for being a vibrant and lively community.

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Well deserved, a great community and webcore is fantastic.





+100 :sunglasses: