Comparing devices syntax


When Echo Speaks was working in ST, I used the syntax above to compare two devices. I have moved to webcore in Hubitat so that I can get Echo Speaks again. Now the original syntax will not work.


I would check in the webcore main app that you have those devices enabled for webcore to use on HE.

Usually there is an attribute after the : in the expression


Is there a reason you are comparing it to an expression instead of just selecting a physical device? Even if you want to use an expression you should be able to delete the : as it is just trying to help you out assuming you are specifying an attribute.


Yes, they are there.

Selecting a physical device makes me choose an attribute. I just want to compare the two devices. Ultimately, I created a variable for each device that I want to compare and it allowed me to use those variables without choosing an attribute. Sloppy, but it works.


Maybe its a ST vs hubitat thing but in ST when comparing a device variable to another physical device, it does NOT require a attribute


I think you are correct. Before HE, I could use the device name without being forced to choose an attribute. BUT, I had to use the Expression field to attain that. Someone here assisted me with that way back when. Just cannot find that post again.


if you find it let us know. Not sure of any change in HE to try to disable this