Conditional on timing for two items


For the life of me, I can’t get past this issue. I have a bathroom and I want to turn the light off IF

  1. It’s been on 10 minutes; and
  2. The sensor in the bathroom has no motion for 5 minutes

I’ve tried all sorts of combinations… I can’t get them to work. I can’t figure out how these two events interact together. I’ve tried conditions w/ events from and triggers, and all things I can think of…

^ This is just one example of an attempt…


Try changing the place of the trigger and the condition??


Add a Contact Sensor on the Bathroom door.


Is there a reason you want the light to have been on for 10 minutes? Why not just look for no motion for 5 minutes and the light is on?


I can try reversing the two… but the two don’t seem to work together in an if statement…

I guess I don’t want the light to go on and off too rapidly although in reality it should not be an issue…but maybe just ignoring the light state is better.


It works a little better actually when they are reversed… it takes 15 minute though and not 10 like might seem logical.


Why don’t you use WAIT for the light, instead of waiting with your conditions? (since i don’t know your real life situation and what you want to accomplish, maybe this would not work well for you???)


Here is what I use for the kids rooms. If the light is on and motion is inactive then wait 15 min and turn off


Thanks, will give this a shot sometime and report back.


Yes. Only start counting down if the light is on and if motion is inactive. If it detects motion the timer restart when the motion sensor changes back to inactive.

I use this in a bunch and its pretty solid. Just so you aren’t using ecobee motion sensors. Those only update every 30 min.


What if the motion never goes back to inactive?


As long at there is motion the light will stay on. The piston waits for motion to go inactive when the light switch is on to do anything.

Like I said I use this for their room. Kids are great at turning on light but I wanted a piston to turn them off. I only want them to turn off when they aren’t in the room so the motion sensor and 15 min does a pretty good job of this.


I use some similar pistons for Inactive and timers.

Take a look at the second IF statement below.

These pistons always work perfect. I have them set for many rooms.