"continued conversation" trigger



I have a wonder since I know nothing in programming

Since google home app has an option of continued conversation as in picture

Isn’t there a way to have this triggered by webcore?

The reason I want this is because I’m using a little code (thanks to @WCmore) with a motion sensor that would trigger a question from google home and then I have to say ok google to answer yes or no

I hope it’s clear. Any input would be appreciated


The trigger for it should be a TTS in this case


If you are using my logic from this page, then the spoken question has nothing to do with Google or it’s AI. (IE: Google has no idea what is being said, so it cannot anticipate anything)

In my example, all of the brains is in webCoRE, and I used an old phone/tablet to create the spoken question. The only purpose for Alexa or Google Home is to get our answer back into our SmartHome… (using the wakeup word)

In other words, the “Continued Conversation” shown above still has to have ONE wakeup phrase to kick it off.

My example piston only requires a single wake up as well.


If you are using my two speaker setup (one to talk and one to listen) then your “dumb speaker” can ask the question… Followed with “OK Google”

This would “activate” Google Home, to listen for your one word answer.


I’m actually talking about the Web Cast API since it is what making me be able to use the google assistant in webcore.
So, since it has made me able to choose “speak” why can’t it use the other feature

Here is a link to the google webcore setup

Actually, the continued conversation kicks off without a phrase.
For example, if I asked google to turn on living room light it will reply “sure” or whatever, then turns on the light, then start listening again for any other command

I guess your setup is the only “working” solution so far but I only have 1 speaker in each room :cry: which is a google home speaker


This is likely a question to send to the developer, Tobias, or posted on their thread.
(although the general purpose of cast-web is to stream audio)

But to ask Google to turn on the living room, don’t you have to say “OK Google” once?

Note, My setup requires one smart speaker to listen (Alexa or Google Home) and one “dumb” speaker to speak. (any speaker that can connect to my phone works here)