Control Google Audiocast or Chromecast Volume with AduroSmart ERIA Dimmer Switch


Control the volume on your Google Audiocast or Google Chromecast using an Adurosmart ERIA dimmer switch. The ERIA switches are gorgeous Zigbee wall switches with a removable remote - they are low cost, effective, and look great on the wall.

Things you will need:

…and, of course, webcore.


  1. install cast-web on a machine in your house, if you have not already done so
  2. install @cgmckeever device hander for the ERIA switch
  3. Pair the ERIA switch with SmartThings via the new app
  4. Install the piston at the bottom of this post.

A couple of things:

  • thanks Chris for figuring out the multiple event issue on that device handler
  • I set the default volume adjust level to +/- 3%, but you can change the value of “PercentChange” to whatever tickles your fancy
  • Change the name of the devices to suit your needs:
    Keypad 1: the name of my ERIA switch
    Music Player 3: the name of my Google audiocast device

Issues with AduroSmart ERIA wireless dimmer