Control Sonos Group Volume w/ TV Remote


This is a very simple piston I wrote to control a Sonos grouping with my TV remote. If you have a Sonos soundbar (e.g. Sonos Beam) attached to your TV, and you add other Sonos speakers to a group for that TV, the TV remote will normally only control the TV volume. e.g. If you press mute on the TV remote, only the TV mutes, but the rest of the speakers keep playing. (Annoying and disappointing support from Sonos.) This piston attempts to fix that.


  • Device 1 will be the main Sonos device connected to your TV (e.g. Sonos Beam soundbar)
  • Devices 2, 3, 4, etc. will be the other Sonos devices you typically have as part of the group.

I’m still new to Webcore, so please feel free to suggest improvements. Thanks!


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