Controlling an A/C with Webcore and Sensibo


Hi All,

I’m new to Webcore I’m trying to code a Piston to control the climate of my living room.
My Ac is using Sensibo Sky. I installed the Smart Things Integration successfully.

My question is if the following Piston would work and if it is efficient.
I’m not very familiar with triggers vs conditions so maybe I did something wrong.

Thanks a lot!


I think you do need to have a trigger - right now it’s just conditions.

I would use the thermostat as a trigger.
If thermostat drops below 17 <—see how this is a one-time event? That’s a trigger.
and time between 7:02 and 11:33 <—condition
and thermostat switch is off <—condition

Same for the high end - if thermostats rises above 32.

For the turn off range, I can’t remember, but I think there’s an “enters range” or something similar that acts as a trigger.


Thank you!
Adding one trigger per condition.


I use ‘‘Drops to or below’’ that also works…


I actually had a similar setup, here using a switch “Peanut Plug” instead of the Sensibo, but you can adapt this piston basically the same way.


Hi there,
i just have a souple of questions if you don’t mind

1 - Are you still happy with Sensibo?
2- And is it Wifi? or zwave?
3 - Did you have to use a device handler?

Thank you for your time


Sorry for jumping in, but just going to say I have basically the same functions as sensibo for a whole lot less in terms of money.
Using the broadlink device, any ir blaster would do.
I have 5 ac/heat pumps in my house and theyre fully automated using 3 webcore pistons, fans heat cold dry vent, degrees, led / turbo basically what you need.

Sensibo is 90usd, wifi abit more plug and play and my friend uses a device handler.
I paid 15usd for same functions, not as plug and play but set it up, forget it.

Best regards


Yes, Still happy after 6 months.

Sensibo is WiFI, I installed the smart app (ERICG66) and Device Handler

It has worked without issue, the temperature sensor in the room helps build my automation


I was using ZXT ir blaster but not happy about it.
That’s why I was wondering but thank you I will also check broadlink device as well.


To be fair, without knowing your type of ir blaster its most likely better than broadlink, what Ive done is make a fake thermostat device.
Made a bunch of ifttt makers applets for heat / ac pump 1-5
Webhooks as target name “heatpump1_cool” “heatpump1_12-30c” etc
Basically if my fake thermostat is set to cool / defrost / heat / dehumid, temp or anything related to thermostat
In one piston i handle mode and operation state

On events from thermostat thermostat mode
If cool
Set variable to “cool”
If heat
Set variable to “heat”

Second piston handles always active rules, like getting it comfortable on my way home from work, mode handling and stuff of the sort

Third piston is an ever growing rule piston

In the end i just send a expression to make a ifttt request something like
Webhooks being my string for each and every thermostats, I have five
In the end it translates to something like heatpump1-5_heat_max_22.

Adding additional heatpump all I have to do is some webhooks applets I can copy paste… up and running in less than 20mins.

Sorry for bad explanation, cannot type properly on phone