CoRE Critical Update v0.3.16e.20171219


If you are still using CoRE, please update to the latest version as soon as you can. Here’s what changed:

v0.3.16e.20171219 - RC - Replaced recovery safety nets using unschedule() with a much more optimized method that does not affect ST as much as unschedule() does

This is important as CoRE has been identified as a major choke point on a certain method that it uses (ST describes that as expensive in their documentation. As it turns out, it is. With ST’s help, CoRE is now able to recover from timeouts much faster and with a lot less resources than by using its own recovery safety net. You should also consider moving on to webCoRE instead, as CoRE is no longer actively maintained and only gets critical updates.

Thank you


If you still see the red UPDATE banner after updating CoRE, please update it again in your IDE. The red banner should disappear. Thank you.

The old version’s dashboard will stop working on or after March 1st 2018 and all older versions of CoRE may stop working on or after May 1st 2018. Please update to avoid any interruptions. Thank you for your understanding.