Core not working on second account


(repeated from ST community)
Hello… I have a fully functional and 100% great smartthings location including lots of working Core pistons. I recently created a new account in my mom’s name with no ST hub, and the only device is her phone as a presence sensor. I installed Core in her IDE and everything looks right, except that when I tap Add a Core piston I get the spinner and nothing more. The Core smartapp is published, OAuth is true, I updated it from the Github repository, it should work. Is it possible that it required a hub at the location?


Just to double check, legacy CoRE or webcore?


I’m using legacy Core.


Moving to legacy core the category.
@webCoRE_Minions any of you gents have insights?


That is a platform problem, not a CoRE problem. It happens to any apps. I suggest contacting support. You may want to replicate the issue with a Smart Lighting instance before contacting support or else they will tell you that is developer’s fault.