Cuckoo Clock using the Aeotec Doorbell


This one’s been working for me for quite awhile …

Hour Chime

A poor-man’s cuckoo clock

Uses Aeon Labs’ Doorbell and @krlaframboise’s Aeotec Doorbell device type handler. Twelve (12) sound bites are used, each consisting of the appropriate number of “chimes” for the particular hour. Sound-play on the Doorbell is more consistent this way rather than trying to have the Doorbell repeat a single “chime” for the hour.

Plays a sound bite per hour, one theme set per day of the week. You can change the volume per set.

Plays 24/7, regardless of presence, but it’s easy enough to edit in time/presence restrictions (these were in the original version, back in April, but I took all that crap out, hehe); occasionally, you’ll get a brief stuttering of the sound bite at the start, but it plays correctly afterward … mostly — I’m blaming this quirk on ST timing and scheduling, LOL; the time-consuming part was finding “good” sound files from where you can create the hourly “chimes”. I’m constantly searching for quality sounds; pretty much fills up the Doorbell’s storage if you have unique sounds for each day of the week :slight_smile:


Any way you can share your sound bites? I had tried unsuccessfully to do something like this before.


No problem … let me zip/tar/whatever the sound bites … I’ll PM you …


So you DON’T use the same sound bite e.g. 12 times, but instead have 12 different sound bites?

I tend to grab any sounds I need from and play direct to my connected speaker. e.g a dinner bell sound, and a voice announcement “time to eat, guys” on the Fabriq speakers instead of us hollering upstairs to the teenagers locked in their rooms playing games…


I use seven different sets of sound bites, one set for each day, and each set consists of twelve sound bites, one for each hour. I had to create those sound bites from what I could find online because the Aeotec Doorbell is limited to 20 secs. of play-time per file :angry: … and having the Aeotec repeat the sound (e.g., twelve times for 12 o’clock) is VERY in consistent.


@elf Any chance I could get those sound bites too? I’m trying to get this to work with cast web api