Custom device commands and Schedule commands at what frequency?


Sorry if posting in the wrong section. If so, let me know and I will move it.

I have a DH creator helping me (I know very little about webcore), and he is thinking about investigating webcore.

He asked me if webCoRE can use custom device commands. Someone posted in a topic that it can, but I couldn’t find any documentation or further information about how? Can someone please point us in the right direction?

He also wanted to know if WebCore can schedule/unschedule commands and at what frequency.



WebCoRE can call any custom command (and custom capabilities) listed at the top of any device handler… it can also pass up to 3 parameters with a custom command.

If a custom command is detected, it will appear in the action list alongside the regular on / off etc. Commands

If a custom capability is detected it will appear in the attribute list alongside switch, motion etc.


Yes, webCoRE can schedule / unschedule commands… at millisecond frequency.


Thanks @RobinWinbourne. I am sure I will be back with more questions. :slight_smile: