Custom Functionalities Missing in Global Variables



I came from ST WebCore to HE WebCore so i know enough to be dangerous. I have noticed a few differences between the webcores but nothing that’s been a show stopper.

I have over 150 lights in my home and I rely heavily on variables to group bulbs in arrays for the different light cycles each day. I’ve been using this technique for years, no problems there.

There’s been additional driver work for TP Link on HE which has unlocked a few suites of functionality that were not previously available.

I eagerly overhauled my WebCore code for the 100th time (for fun) and realized when I select a global variable, from the actions menu the new functionalities of my bulbs are not in the list.

I have discovered that when I ungroup the bulbs from the global variable, the new features of those bulbs come through as selectable actions and they execute flawlessly.

My question is: why am I unable to access these actions if using a group of devices as a global variable?Or is this just not possible?

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were 100 reasons why every functionality of every device can’t be in that list and asking for a feature request for this is absurd. I just want to make sure I’m not missing something/doing something wrong.

I know this sounds lame and yes, I’m really asking to have my cake and eat it too because using variables to group my bulbs has been a life changer for me in webcore and adding new devices into the configuration fold as they come online…and I also want my new bulb functionality at the same time :grinning:.

My end goal would be to use the set preset string and set effect string to be used by global variable groupings of lights.


Add one of the lights temporarily in the with together with the global device variable so you can access the commands/actions available to it, then remove the device after you’re done.


Holy potatoes, that worked. Thank you!