Daily countdown of days to event that will display on ActionTiles



I use the same basic process for my bloomsky image, ifttt downloads new images and I have another process that renames it and upload it to my webserver where AT picks it up for display.

Note: Image is old, we’re not burning yet in AZ


I gotta say @eibyer, that sounds like a great new thread for the Example Pistons category!!
(Edit: didn’t mean to put you on the spot… I just realized all of the coding is done outside of webCoRE)

That being said, there are sooo many applications that this can be useful!


This is AWESOME! Thanks guys. This helps me so much.


One option is to use a small Python script to dynamically create the png file.
from datetime import date
from PIL import Image, ImageFont, ImageDraw

import datetime
from PIL import Image, ImageFont, ImageDraw

if name == “main”:
im = Image.open(‘Luis.jpg’)
font = ImageFont.truetype(“arial.ttf”, 20)
draw = ImageDraw.Draw(im)
d0 = datetime.date(2008, 8, 18)
delta = datetime.date.today() - d0
txt = str(delta.days) + ’ days’
draw.text((7,129), txt, font = font, fill=(255,255,0))

You need a plain jpg file with the background color you want (in my script Luis.jpg.
The script creates the counter.png file that you can then display in action tiles.

Of course you can schedule this script to run every day to update in a linux box you can just put it in crontab.

Eventually this can be used to create any tiles you want. I use it with life360 to create a Location tile saying where my family members are.


You guys rock! Yet another option for me. I don’t know Python, but I have been wanting to learn. This will be a good starting point for me I think. Thanks to all of you.


This thread has inspired me to create a piston that displays a countdown to any event on the webCoRE dashboard. (unfortunately, it will not display in ActionTiles)