Daily countdown of days to event that will display on ActionTiles



Has anyone built a piston that can count down the days to an event that can be posted on my ActionTiles page?


See if you can use the modified lux device to display your day count.

Will get the link.


A Simulated Dimmer Switch can also be used to display a number from 1-100


… although maybe it’s better to use a Simulated Temperature Sensor:



@eibyer, @WCmore
Both of you are awesome!


Now if I can just figure out how to get rid of the “degree symbol” and/or the “illum (lx)”.


@eibyer, I looked through your DTH above and could not find where the “illum (lx)” is added to my ActionTiles tile above. Did I miss something?


It is probably added on by AT by default.


I will ask Terry at ActionTiles to comment here. Thanks.





Anyone have any new ideas on how to display a “value” tile in Actiontiles? I just want a tile that displays a number. I can add the name of the tile in Actiontiles, such as “Days until Disney”, if I can find a method to only display a number.


Unfortunately, I have not encountered any “built-in” programming that displays a number without also including extra stuff in ActionTiles… (degrees, lux, on/off etc)

If there is ever found a solution over in this thread, I think that will be your best bet for ActionTiles.

For what it’s worth, when it comes to customized displays, the Dashboard here in webCoRE is far superior to ActionTiles. Whether it is purely textual, a color changing tile, or even a gauge.


I think your piston can revolve around the “Day of Year” for all of these iterations.
(returns a number from 1 to 365, or 1 to 366 on leap years)


The gauge shown above is something I threw together real quick to give you an example, and maybe some inspiration.

It counts down 70 days (ten weeks) leading up to any event.
(currently 8 weeks and 2 days away)

I used this calculator to find the {eventDay} number.


Can I fashion a “Dashboard” in webCoRE that is similar to my ActionTiles display?


For the most part, yes, and much better. To be fair, I have not seen a calendar exactly like that in webCoRE, but I have my own calendar on my Dashboard, so it is possible. Also, there are only 6 sizes of tiles in webCoRE (compared to 9 in ActionTiles)

Strengths for ActionTiles are:

  • Interactive display
  • Quick update to device’s status
  • Easily sharable so different panels can be visible for different reasons/people

Strengths for WebCoRE’s Dashboard are:

  • IF logic changes the display at anytime
  • Image based tiles (thousands of icons available, compared to 50? in AT)
  • Gauge tiles for easy data viewing
  • Textual updates (can be very long text)
  • Unlimited gradient colors for text/background such as cold/blue fading to red/hot. (AT has 4 color choices)

In general:

  • I use ActionTiles in places where I want to touch a button to do things…
  • I use webCoRE’s Dashboard when I want to see a bunch of information
    (both platforms can do both, but are seriously crippled in the opposing category)

In conclusion, I like and use both programs for very different reasons.

The perfect world for me is a web browser that can display both dashboards side-by-side
(such as the plugin for Firefox called Tile Tabs)


I am vaguely familiar with webcore dashboards. But now you have opened up another area of experimenting/research for me. Let me dig in here and see what I can find. Thanks @WCmore. I am sure I will have questions.


I have an idea for a multi-step process but I don’t have time to mock it up at the moment.

Use a placeholder service, similar to, placeholder.com (background and text can be manipulated, see site for instructions)

The image above was generated from url: https://via.placeholder.com/100.png?text=8

You can make webcore make the call daily to generate the image and use any local device that is on 24/7 like a pi (seems like everyone has one) to wget the image and rename it to something static that AT can use as a media image :slight_smile:

Tada! lol


Thanks for sharing @eibyer!!

I got really excited when I saw your post, thinking it was a solution to my old problem.

Unfortunately, I could not find a way to make the text span more than one line, nor to increase the font size. :neutral_face:

For example, the ideal tile size in webCoRE is 78x78 pixels.
If I only need a character or two, it looks good:

…but if I make the display 6 characters long, it’s barely legible:

…and a straight disaster with 10 characters:

I do like your idea though if we only need a character or two to be displayed in ActionTiles.

By the way, the code for those three images are:


Ah, sorry dude… I was only thinking about numbers lol. There are quite a few of the placeholder sites though so one that has a shrink-to-fit feature might be available.


This one is readable but not sure if it suitable to your project. https://imgplaceholder.com/



Edit: I like this last one… it supports _br_ (break)
Edit2: Did I mention I like this one?? Lots of customizable bits that can be modified via variables in webcore and feeding it into the url.


Simulated Power Meter device handler

Oh yes! And adjustable font size!



I am definitely going to bookmark this one. Thanks!! :+1: