Data stored in hub or cloud?



I would like to know if the hub (smartthings) or the cloud is storing values for lets say dimmers? Like if I make a condition like if dimmer is lower then 10% do something; if someone change the dimmer manually, will it been updated in webcore? And if I run a piston , could it check the level in real time?
I m looking for inovelli products (switch, dimmer and detectors).


OK let’s consider a dimmer’s level specifically.

SmartThings maintains its understanding of the current dimmer level in the cloud. If the dimmer works via the hub and is supported for local execution, the level is presumably on the hub too.

When the level is changed the device handler will send out an event saying so. Apps such as webCoRE can choose to subscribe to those events and take action when they change, and indeed that is one of the things that make pistons execute.

If a piston is running because it is processing the event saying the level has changed, webCoRE will use the value of the level carried in the event when it needs the current value. It won’t know about any changes that might have happened since the event was generated. Even if it sets the level to something else it won’t use that value internally.

If the piston is running because some other device attribute has changed, or in response to a timer, or indeed any reason other than the level having changed, it will ask the SmartThings cloud for the current value whenever the piston needs it.

Not all device handlers and integrations behave exactly as we’d like. So for some a manual change in level is not communicated to SmartThings, which only finds out about the change if it polls the device to get the latest state. Querying the level in webCoRE wouldn’t cause the device to be polled, it would return the last known value.




Actually I need to check it, but I’m pretty sure that is correct and the event value is always used.


great! If its like this it would be nice! For now I have some wifi switches but its hard to connect them with webcore. I have an on change event in the app but nothing to do with it since it can only trigger other routine from the same device…so no way to tell webcore nor smartthings its new value. And if I use webcore to automate it, I must use an alexa routine that I can trigger with webcore but if I run too much routine one after another it just fail somewhere… Hope smartthings hub will be back on the market soon, there s no way to find one for canada delevery! :slight_smile: The hub and obviously new devices would changes everything!