$day question regarding values reurned


Does $day return the day of the month, ie 9 for today? Or does it return the day number of the year?

For example feb 1 should be 32. Will day give me a value of 1 on that date or 32 on that date?


$day is currently showing 9 for me. (the 9th of January)


When I want to know the day of the year, I use this integer variable:


(which ironically, also equals 9 at the moment)


In other words, @day is an integer between 1 and 31


Ok, that doesn’t work for me… try setting a variable with the date, let’s say March 12,2019. If I use formatDateTime(variable,’D’) it returns 12

I would rather have the cumulative days that it is…should be 71 I believe, unless it’s a leap year.


For a date in the future, here are a few possibilities:


(note there is a space before the year in the first 2 examples)


Perfect, thank you.