Delay With Webcore Execution


I just installed and started using webCore. I also have core installed. I notice that webCore is always slower than core or other monitors. For example, I have a piston setup to run when a door opens and make announcements on multiple alexa devices. There is a several second delay before it starts and when it does announce, it has a few more seconds delay and the devices do not announce all at once. It is different each time and it is not terrible by any means, but I notice its definitely slower than things like core or SHM.

Is this normal?


It is pretty normal - the delay is because webCoRE is cloud-based. For anything more time sensitive (door opens, turn light on for example), I use SmartLighting or something local in the ST hub. webCoRE has its strengths in more complex automations, or times when a delay of a couple seconds won’t hinder your automation experience.


Does it make sense that core is faster than webcore?


I never used CoRE but was under the impression execution was local, where webCoRE is in the cloud.


Ok, thanks for the info.