[DEPRECIATED] Enabling Your Contact Book



I am trying to set this up in Webcore but when I try to select “Available contacts” section to enable the contacts in Webcore it just does the turning circle but nothing else happens. It won’t open the next page.


Any ideas on why I can’t enable contacts in the WebCore app?


I’ve been able to get the Contacts section to show up in SmartThings IDE, but I don’t see anywhere to enable. Is there supposed to be a button or something? I just get an empty list and no options.


I’m having the same issue, can get the page to show but can’t add anything to it.


Any changes here? I still can’t enable contacts anywhere…


Just found this… was importing some pistons that need contacts enabled.
Followed the instructions and I see the “Contacts” page, but like others… the page offers no options to enable/add and nor does the iOS app offer a new menu after visiting this hidden URL.

Guessing with the migrations in progress ST has completely disabled this?
BTW: I am stll on ST Classic, I haven’t been migrated (yet).


Sorry guys. Life has been crazy.

Can you provide some screen shots of the pages you are referring too?

If I recall correctly you add the contacts from the app which would be a screen under the more tab of the classic app. It will say contact book. You add contacts there.


I assume that since ST is removing the Contact Book and it’s capabilities as of 30 July, all of this will go away for webCoRE’s use too.



So, we’ll ned to go into each piston that was set up to use the Contact Book and modify it to send a notification to everyone in your household who has an account rather than selectively as was possible with the Contact Book - or with SMS messaging for more selectivity.


That sucks. Samsung is absolutely trashing Smartthings lately.


Yes I saw that announcement and was wondering about it. I have several pistons that send notifications to me as a “contact”. Once Contacts is disabled by ST, will the piston will still execute all its steps and just not be able to deliver the notification?

In my case I am the only family member with a ST account, so it’ll be OK to just have all notifications come to “everyone” since I’m the only one with the account. But what will I need to do in webCore to have it be able to send notices now that Contacts are gone?

@ady624 Are these changes already in webCore, or are there enhancements coming for this change? Thanks.


My pistons have continued to run fine (programmatically anyway) since I was recently converted to a Samsung account - along with the associated removal of the Contact Book. I think I also continue to get push notifications where called for too - but my wife also gets them too where she didn’t before. Also, I’m pretty sure neither of us get SMS texts - even if we did before because there’s no place to look up the phone numbers.

If my recollection is correct, you may be OK with PUSH notifications since you’re the only account holder.

My plan is to reprogram all affected pistons that have notifications, PUSH notifications and SMS messages. For the times that I want notifications or PUSH notifications sent to both my wife and I, I’ll set a line or lines to do that directly. For any times that I want to send SMS to either or both of us, I’ll add another line for that. I can add one or both of our numbers directly on the command line with a semi-colon between them. Or, I will most likely add (3) dynamic Global Variables - one for me, one for my wife and one for both of us (again, with the separating semi-colon).

It was so much easier and flexible with the Contact Book.

UPDATE: All changes have been made as per above. Much less elegant and voluminous, but it’s done.


Anyone else get this email? It seems fairly straightforward but I’m assuming this affects webCoRE too, correct? My contact book is still there and can still add contacts - haven’t tried notifications though.


As many of you have received an email already, the contact book is now obsolete. Pistons will continue to execute but notifications will need to be switched to SMS or Push to everyone.

It was great while it lasted!

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