[DEPRECIATED] Enabling Your Contact Book



This information is obsolete as of July 31st 2018 as SmartThings has completely removed the Contact Book feature.

This information is credited to 4loveofpunk

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What’s this for?


How to enable the contact book hidden inside of ST. Useful for such things as sending a push notification specifically to an individual instead of everyone listed on the account.


Oh that’s badass


Never understood why ST disabled this long ago … something about not getting hub-offline/disconnect notifications ---- but who cares about those, right? :wink:

As c1arkbar says, it’s nice to send only certain individuals notifications … like, NOT the wifey :smile:


I would much rather be able to target push notifications then to know that my hub is offline!


Yup … I don’t think you need to be notified if you hub is offline, you just need to witness all the chaos that ensues when every sensor/siren/lock/etc. goes haywire, LOL


Can you access this from webcore. I have added the contact in the webcore settings. However, I can’t find how to choose which contact to send a SMS too from within the dashboard. Only way I am able to do this is if I create global variables for each person.


You’ll need to use the Send notification to contacts action where you will see a list of your contacts. I’m not sure if this works for SMS, I only use it for push notifications.


Make sure after enabling your contact book you add it to webcore just like you did with devices. I will update the original post later.

Then as stated you will use send notification to contact and you can select SMS and/or push as well as multiple people


This is killer…this should not be hidden by default!


Fair warning: contact book was never properly enabled for everyone for technical reasons. My understanding is that it was built right before everything collapsed a couple years ago. We then changed our infrastructure rather dramatically and contact book hasn’t been updated. There are rumors that it will get looked at again and rebuilt properly in the near future, but …

That said, I think it will work for most accounts and is an awesome feature.


After enabling this, I no longer get my text message notifications when a garage door or my front door opens. I have that set up through one of the built in smartthings apps. I even made sure to select push and text notifications. I can see my phrase manualy under messages within notifications tab but I never get a push or text.


this is brilliant, any ideas how to edit contacts, some of nu have incorrect country codes


Open the ST App click on the Hamburger ( ≡ ) in the bottom right, Select Contact Book, Then click on the contact to edit or add more.


For what it’s worth, if you want to avoid the spouse getting a bunch of notifications, you can just block notifications from the SmartThings app (on Android). Anything I do want my wife to see is setup as an SMS piston. Example, temperature alerts that I want to see are done through PUSH notifications, but if a door is left open too long, it comes through as a text message so me and the wife see it.


I have tried to enable the contacts several times per the instructions above and I get an error stating Access Denied. Any other ideas on how to sent notifications to specific
users on iOS?


Do I have to set myself up as a contact also to get notifications to myself? Also, one of the phone numbers that I am setting up has a (289) area code and webCore doesn’t seem to see it for Push notifications just email. How do I get this working to do Push for this contact?


Push notifications require the SmartThings app be installed and have an account. Then use that email


That would be why. I haven’t got him setup yet with ST app.