Detect a double tap on GE 12722 Z-Wave light switch?


Is there a way I can use webCoRE to detect a double tap for a GE 12722 Z-Wave light switch? The switch itself does not support a double-tap feature. But I was thinking maybe I could do something like a tap FOLLOWED BY another tap within one second, using the FOLLOWED BY functionality? Or perhaps another way? I tried this a few months ago when FOLLOWED BY was first introduced, but it didn’t work and Adrian said there was some issues with FOLLOWED BY and triggers - not sure if that was sorted out? Anyway just tyring to understand the best way to do this. Thanks!


If it is a dimmer switch then no.

If it is a simple on off switch then yes followed by would work.


Anything new on this? I have a couple ceiling fan on a GE smart switch and then within the ceiling fans i have a z-wave controller for the lights. I have some rules setup that turn the light on when the GE switch turns on from an off state. However, I haven’t been able to figure out a way to turn on the lights using the trigger of the fan switch when the fan switch is already on. Currently we just use Alexa to turn on the lights so it hasn’t been a big deal but it would be nice (especially for guests or the cleaning company) to not have to deal with Alexa.