Determine Stay Home Days


This is my first WebCore Community post and looking for a little help.

Here is my goal:
Set a Global Variable to set either “Work Day”, “Kids Home Day”, “Stay At Home Day”. I am assuming I will need to load this information into some kind of calendar.

I have a piston that will run daily to set my time based global variables, which will then be used in my various pistons for the various parts of the house. I am just not sure how to set a global variable for the day’s plan. This variable then feeds into wake up routines. Im sure the plan is self explanatory to you all, just not sure the best way to populate the variable.

I am new to both SmartThings and WebCore. I bought the ST v2 for Christmas and I have transferred over or added new about 90 devices, mostly from a previous Vera setup. Really looking forward to this new build.

Right now, I am trying to figure out what is best to run locally in SmartLight vs run in cloud on WebCore. On one hand, I like the local aspect of SmartLight…on the other had, the limited functionality is not winning over the wife faction.

Appreciate the help.


I do something similar, but without global variables. I use gcal search. It creates a virtual switch if you will. From that you can use it to trigger your events from the piston.

Just make sure you follow steps exactly. It’s a pain to Setup, at least it was for me, but once it is running, it works for what I need flawlessly.


Thanks, just what I was looking for. Through searching I saw there were several instances of Googie Calendar but don’t know enough yet to see the “how”…still a needle in a haystack to me.