Google Calendar Integration?


Was thinking on the way to work this morning whether it would be possible to integrate with Google Calendar?

For example, I have a piston which wakes me up gently each morning around 5.45am (it fades up a bulb, then 15 minutes later turns on the light behind our bed).

However, some days I work from home, so I can have a bit of a lie in. So I was thinking how nice it would be to check my Google Calendar and see if it says ‘Working From Home’ and if it does - to fire a similar piston which has a different time e.g. 7am


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Solution - Echo Alarm Clock Like Reminder

Check out gcal search smart app.


Thanks - think there are some errors with that app though .Keep getting errors when trying to install.


It has been installed for some time and working great. However, when I tried to install the first time I remember getting errors too. Just make sure you are following the instructions line by line. It works. I’m using right now.


Make sure you are following these steps


Thanks - I’ll give this a go.

Had a quick attempt at hashing something together using IFTTT and SmartThings.

Basically at 45 minutes prior to an event starting called ‘Working From Home’, IFTTT will tell SmartThings to change a virtual switch to ‘ON’ (this will happen at 11.15pm). WebCore then does the folllowing:


I have Gcal integration and it works great.

Upon an event, I create global variable triggers, but now I need help!

How can I tell webcore to look further out into GCal say 2-3 days in advance to see whether an event is on my calendar?


Unfortunately I never got it to work fully. I just found the app a bit sketchy in places. For example it never seemed to work for all day events.


I’ve had no integration issues, in fact I use it as my good morning piston when the kids have no school so we can all sleep in.

The question is whether GCal or Webcore has a method of looking forward a day (or 2) and using that as a trigger.


Is your calendar event an all day one?


Yes, as I have said, I have never had an issue with all day events.


You said you had no integration issues - it wasn’t clear whether your events were all day ones.


I have on GCal trigger that occurs when I place an event on my calendar entitled ‘No School’. This triggers the GCal contact sensor which I use as a webcore trigger.

Yes, the GCal program was a pain to setup and it was so long ago I cannot recall exactly what I did, but it works and its best to leave what works alone.


Would you mind sharing your piston? I’m trying to do something similar and can’t wrap my mind around how to make this work.


The condition is wrapped within the entire good morning piston. It is the first ‘if’ conditional statement.


Are you looking for something like this:


Is its still working? I try to integrate gcal in webcore but just cant login inside the app…its like credential issue… Is there an update or something? Thanks!


I have GCal working but it was setup prior to migration to the new App. There was discussion in the ST forum regarding OAuth issue with the new app. I don’t think that has ever been resolved, this post discusses a workaround using the old app for setup.

Last mention of a download for an older version of the Classic App if you wish to go down that route.


not working for me either