Developing Custom Apps//Routines - WebCore vs. Groovy vs. New Api


I’ve been using WebCore for a couple years now and really felt like it might be a cleaner implementation if I moved my apps to Groovy. Now, I see ST has a new API, which is likely more involved than I want to get. Also, looks like new API executes in the cloud always. Somehow I thought local execution would be an advantage.

Is WebCore going to continue to be supported in ST? I have a hard time telling where ST is going…

So, what architecture (if you call it that) is everyone using to customize their setups? Should I dive further into WebCore? Or, take the leap on this new API. Suggestions, experiences and recommendations are much appreciated! I’m just not sure what’s next.


Just a quick comment about cloud vs. local…all your pistons execute in the cloud now. So, that wouldn’t be any different that with the new API.


Thanks Ryan. Is there any advantage to coding in Groovy for local execution? Not sure how long that will be supported. It seems that I either stick with WC so that I’m not investing huge time in the new API. That said, is there any benefit in the new API vs WebCore?


You can’t code in Groovy for local execution on ST either. The only things that runs locally are some parts of smart lighting and parts of SHM. That is not considering the ADT parts of the ADT+ST panel…that’s different. But any custom code (DTH or smartapps) always execute in the cloud.


So, is WebCore the preferred way to customize my experience?


Perfect? I don’t think anyone can make that call but you. And if you are just starting out, don’t shut down any avenue yet. Try them all. You might find that you like one for some things and another for different things. There are folks who are even running two different types of hubs because of their individual use cases. There’s a guy who’s quadriplegic on the ST forum. He only uses ST for “luxury” items. Like announcing when a window is left open when he’s leaving, stuff like that. But for some things, he HAS to have 100% success rate, otherwise he can’t just jump up and fix it himself. For example, door locks. His service dog who opens the door for him, can’t use a key to unlock it so the locks unlocking when he approaches the door HAS to work, so that DOESN’T reside in ST.

All of that was to illustrate that you’re the only one who can make the final determination for yourself. I can say for me, on ST, webCoRE was exactly what i needed. I’m not a programmer, so writing in Groovy did not appeal to me. And the native ST functionality left quite a bit lacking. So, I ended up with a lot in webCoRE. But definitely try everything and keep an open mind.